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One of Trauma’s Greatest Missed Opportunities

Yes, I'm Totally Serious

I know I know.  The words “trauma” and “opportunity” do not seem to fit together.  But they can if you do it right.  

 And we all know that Cancer is trauma, right?


Well, if ya didn’t, now you do.


You also need to know that there are so many opportunities that are presented by cancer, and today we’re gonna talk about one of the biggest ones I see missed by people


Can you guess what it is?


Ok ok....I’ll just tell ya.


It’s your KIDS. 

Yep…. one of cancer’s greatest opportunities is sharing, teaching and helping your kids in immense ways. 


Hear me out….


I know for many of us, our first instinct is to want to “protect” our kids from the shit show that is cancer.  But!  What is actually the most healthy and effective way to involve our kids is to….actually involve our kids

By sharing this experience with them you are providing the opportunity to not only learn healthy coping skills, but to put those coping skills into practice. 

That’s what we want for our babies, right?


To know how to successfully navigate shit situations? 


To have a multitude of healthy coping skills?


Effective stress management tools?


To be able to identify and process their emotions triumphantly?


You bet your ass we do! 

So?  Why not use cancer as one of the greatest learning tools of their lifetime?  Or you could just hide it from them and create unease, lack of trust, discomfort and fear.  


But you’re not gonna do that, right?


I didn’t think so.


So my love, this is your sign to talk to your kids.


Include them in your process.


Include them in your hardships.


In your wins.


In your healing.


Remember, every child is different, so be sure to pay attention to how, when and in what ways you do this.   

And if you need help, I’m always here for ya.  




And please remember….


You are doing great. 

You fucking got this.


And I truly love ya 



Love and Light, 


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