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"I had an amazing experience with Adriana! She always kept me accountable and asked me hard questions. She pushed me to reach my goals and was a great listener. She has totally changed my life!" - AW

"I can't say enough good things about my experience of working with Adriana.  I came to her terrified, unable to process my emotions the "right way" and in all honesty, just a shell of a human being.  I thought that was my only option.  I thought that cancer patients couldn't be strong, positive, or have their sh*t together. Man was I wrong.  After only a few sessions I was able to turn my life around.  I no longer feel like a victim, I have a closer than ever relationship with my family and myself.  I honestly feel like I found myself in the process of cancer, and actually am not even that mad about getting it anymore.  I feel like it brought out the real me thanks to Adriana's help."  - MS

"I've been through counseling for more than 9 years and nothing has truly helped or made things better than Adriana’s coaching. She truly personalizes the experience, and it feels like she knows more about me than I know about myself. 10/10 would recommend!"  - BW

"People think that just because you are done with active treatment that all is better.  That's it's "over".  Think again!  The hardest part for me started after treatment.  All the demons, the emotions, the fear, the terror, and the upset came flooding in.  Adriana helped me navigate these trying times with love, support, and a kick-ass attitude.  If you are feeling this in any way, you must give her a call.  You'll be happy you did!" - JM

“Being thrown into medical menopause in your thirties comes with a lot of problems that not many people can relate to.  Adriana helped me reconnect with myself, learn to love my body once again, feel like a sexy woman (even without boobs!), and ride the waves of this new chapter with much more ease, appreciation, and positivity.” - AS

"What I think has been most helpful in working with Adriana is her constant positive influence and focus. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative of the world, especially when working through a difficult transition. With her help, I was able to stay focused on the solution and goals, rather than on all of the problems and obstacles that were starring me in the face. I was able to work through my problems fairly quickly and have since been able to keep my goals and accomplishments on track. I would recommend her to any person that needs a little help." - GS

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