"I can't say enough good things about my experience of working with Adriana.  I came to her terrified, unable to process my emotions the "right way" and in all honesty, just a shell of a human being.  I thought that was my only option.  I thought that cancer patients couldn't be strong, positive or have their sh*t together.  Man was I wrong.  After only a few sessions I was able to turn my life around.  I no longer feel like a victim, I have a closer than ever relationship with my family and myself.  I honestly feel like I found myself in the process of cancer, and actually am not even that mad about getting it anymore.  I feel like it brought out the real me thanks to Adriana's help."  - MS

"I know it's hard to make that first call, but I promise it's not as hard as not calling at all.  I waited way too long to get Adriana's help.  I only wish I would have started sooner.  If we learn anything from this, it's that life is short, and I for one don't want to spend my time not living my best life.  Yes, even with cancer.  Thank god she was there to help me.  Amazing, honest, positive, funny, fun and absolutely fabulous she is!  Reach out now, you won't regret it!" - NF

"People think that just because you are done with active treatment that all is better.  That's it's "over".  Think again!  The hardest part for me started after treatment.  All the demons, the emotions, the fear, the terror and upset came flooding in.  Adriana helped me navigate these trying times with love, support and a kick ass attitude.  If you are feeling this in any way, you must give her a call.  You'll be happy you did!" - JM

"What I think has been most helpful in working with Adriana is her constant positive influence and focus. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative of the world, especially when working through a difficult transition. With her help, I was able to stay focused on the solution and goals, rather than on all of the problems and obstacles that were starring me in the face. I was able to work through my problems fairly quickly and have since been able to keep my goals and accomplishments on track. I would recommend her to any person that needs a little help." - GS

"I was a bit reluctant to begin coaching sessions with my already busy schedule. I am so glad that I did. In just a few months, Adriana helped me to organize my chaotic life at home and at work. With the organization came less stress, more enjoyment of my home life, and better relationships with my kids. Thanks Adriana!" -AF

"I think the best thing for me with working with Adriana is how she helped me to shift my perspective, the way I look at things.  Before, I had such a difficult time with balance.  Instead of having me break down my hours and minutes every day and to "reschedule my schedule", she helped me to focus on my passions, the things that I hold dearest in my life.  After I began tending to those passions, rather than my to do list, everything just kind of fell into place.  Even now, she helped me to build in some simple strategies in my current life so I do not loose sight of what is important again.  I am so grateful each day with my new found calm and appreciation." -BH

"Just call.  I know it feels hard to take that first step, but with Adriana it feels less hard.  Everything felt less hard, and with that gift the changes that you want to make in your life, or the changes that you can feel sitting under the surface and do nothing about, actually become possible.  I can't begin to thank her enough.  With the help of Adriana I feel like I am living the life that I want."  -AM

"The hardest part for me was asking for help.  While I don't think of myself as too proud, I realized that by believing that I could and should do it alone I was putting off actually improving my life.  I also thought that I needed to have big problems in order to get help.  Like really big.  And that's just not the case.  My life was fine, and I was relatively happy before I contacted Adriana, but I wanted more.  When Adriana and I further discussed this feeling, it was like a light went off for me.  I had the power to make the changes in my life that would really make it better.  I love that I had just as much say in creating these improvements as Adriana did, it felt like a team exercise rather than someone telling me what to do.  I feel like I learned a lot working with Adriana.  She taught me how to keep up these skills and how to apply them to other things that may come up in the future.  If I ever feel stuck again, I will be calling her right away this time.  I don't want to waste precious time the next go around."  -MM

"I actually had a ton of fun working with Adriana.  I know that they say coaching is hard work, and I guess it was at times, but not that often.  It felt like an exciting challenges rather than work.  I felt excited on the mornings I knew I was going to meet with her, and I felt energized and positive when we hung up.  I loved it and I would be happy and honored to work with her again."  -LH

"Working with Adriana has been a life changing experience. She has helped to improve my personal and professional relationships, and find a greater balance in my life. Adriana’s techniques are amazing, she coached me to find my strengths and helped teach me to apply them to everyday life. She has guided me, lovingly, to be in charge of my story, to be confidante in myself and as a result I feel more fulfilled and happier than I ever have. Adriana is trustworthy, always encouraging, and patient. I highly recommended Adriana as a life coach if you are someone looking to make positive changes in your life. Thank you Adriana, you have truly changed my life for the better".  -NL

"I had an amazing experience with Adriana! She always kept me accountable and asked me the hard questions. She pushed me to reach my goals and was a great listener. She has totally changed my life!" - AW

"I've been through counseling for more than 9 years and nothing has truly helped or made things better more than Adriana’s coaching. She truly personalizes the experience, and it feels like she knows more about me than I know about myself. 10/10 would recommend!"  - BW