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About Me

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About Me

Hey lovie!  My name is Adriana.  I am a mother, life coach, breast cancer survivor and an avid swear word user.  I have been put on this earth to help YOU.  Ya, you read that right.  You!  I aim to revolutionize the way modern women experience breast cancer and help them up level their lives like never before.  Pretty freaking cool, right?  I know!  I get to help hundreds of survivors successfully get what they want out of their lives every year. 


Since completing active cancer treatment in 2021 I have spoken with numerous survivors about their journeys, hardships, and fears.  They all had one thing in common: a lack of real, proper, individualized support for women who experience the obstacles of today’s world (ya know; like kids, careers, sexuality, confidence, family communication, that kinda stuff).


So began my new journey.  To help others get through ALL the stages of breast cancer, and to do it with lasting effectiveness and unimaginable personal growth.  I help women take back control of what they feel has been lost and do so with joy, grace, ownership and even a little fun!


For those of ya that like the credential deets; I have a Bachelors in Psychology, a coaching certification, have completed numerous Master classes in Marriage and Family Therapy (not to mention all of the continuing ed!), and have over a two-decade stint of successfully coaching and mentoring women.  So needless to say, I got the skills - but I definitely do not discount personal experience.  There’s nothing like having a credited Support Coach who has been in your shoes.  That shit is priceless.  


I am not one who believes in coincidences, so if you are here, I believe it is for a reason.  While I am absolutely not the right fit for everyone, I am the perfect fit for some.  Please click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation. 


You are not alone, you are ready, and I’m here when you need.

Biggest amounts of light and love to you,


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