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Talking to the Littles 
4/6/23 11:00 am PST

Got kiddos?  Unsure how to talk to them about cancer?  I got you!  It is SO important that we include the littlest souls in our cancer journey.  In fact, it can even become an opportunity for massive learning, growth and healthy coping skills.  How, you ask?  I will show you steps and tips, as well as ways to start implementing it all right away.  So whatcha waiting for?  A sign?  It’s this.  I just gave it to you.  Now let’s do it.


Living with the Big “F”
4/20/23 11:00 am PST

Scared?  Ya.  Me too.  The fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis can feel all consuming; and even on days where it’s not, it’s always hiding in the background.  So, how do you conquer this beast?  Is it even possible to conquer this beast?  You bet your ass it is… and I promise to show you exactly how.  And you wanna know a secret?  It’s not as complicated as you might think.  Seriously!  So, join me in this fear-squashing workshop, and let’s put fear in its place.  


Wait, Communication is Really that Important?
5/4/23 11:00 am PST

How the frick are you supposed to effectively communicate with others what you need during and after cancer diagnosis? By communicating with yourself first!  And that means knowing exactly what you need and want (even as it changes).  Join me in learning a few simple steps to up your communication with yourself and with others and watch the ease and contentment roll on in.  It’s all about YOU baby! 


Vulnerability is a Superpower? Like, For Real?
5/18/23 11:00 am PST

I know I know.  You have to put on a brave face for your kids, spouse, friends and parents, right?  Wrong!  This disease is about YOU.  In this workshop I will show you how letting go of the “brave face” syndrome and embracing your vulnerabilities will actually make you a much happier person who is way more connected to their loved ones.  Don’t believe me?  Well then come and join me and prove me wrong.  I dare ya!


Battling the Survivor Scaries
6/1/23 6:00 pm PST

You’re cancer free (Hazaa!), so why are you feeling like such shit? Living life in the post treatment world can present an insane amount of emotions that infiltrate how we feel and function on the daily. It can all feel so freaking overwhelming and just downright impossible to work through.  Enter your girl; me!  I got YOU.  It is time to stop the suffering and start figuring out how life after treatment is going to work for YOU, as an individual.  Together we can discover ways to sift through this emotionally heavy time with easy tips and strategies that you can start implementing right away!


Expand Don't Contract
4/13/23 11:00 am PST

Think you can actually GROW from a cancer diagnosis? I know, I know; most people don’t.  Most people focus on being strong and surviving.  Which is cool and all.  But what about THRIVING?  What about expanding and growing in ways that you never thought you could?  What about becoming more YOU than you ever thought possible?  Aww yeah baby.  Sounds pretty fucking dreamy, doesn’t it?  I promise it can happen - and this workshop is a great place to start.  Come on you beautiful butterfly, let’s grooooow!


Becoming an Emotion Processing Queen
4/27/23 6:00 pm PST

About 90% of my clients report that the emotions they ignored during treatment got bigger, worse and harder to deal with after treatment.  90 PERCENT!  This is because treatment is a bitch and so are the emotions that come along with it.  But as we all know, ignoring your emotions does not work!  So!  Let’s learn how to process them as they come along, and let’s keep it SIMPLE.  Ok?  I promise that it’s not as hard as you think and I will be there to help guide you along the way.  Ready to become an emotion processing MACHINE.  Hell ya you are.


I’m Effing Pissed Off, How About You?
5/11/23 11:00 am PST

Pissed off that you got cancer?  Ya, me too!  But here’s the thing. That anger that is so valid can sometimes take over and cloud our mental health.  This can lead to a real lack of judgment, stifled personal growth and you becoming a bitter lady with a chip in your shoulder.  No Bueno.  So, how do we let anger go and stop blocking the positive things that we actually WANT to show up in our lives?   I’ll show you how, step by step.  Come on you angry B, let’s get cracking!


New Woman; Who Dis?
5/25/23 11:00 am PST

Oooo girl.  It can be hard to love yourself some days.  Especially when our bodies and minds have changed so drastically (and we didn’t even get to choose most of those changes!).  Scars, hot flashes, altered breasts, lowered libido, exhaustion, lack of interest in things:  you name it.  Deep down, we know that it is SO important to love ourselves regardless of our situation.  In fact, it’s essential.  So queen, let’s get you there!  Join me and learn some of the basics of self love, in your new body.  I promise it’s possible.


Sorry for Surviving
6/6/23 11:00 am PST

Women, eh?  We are such amazing creatures.  But come on!  What other group of individuals would feel guilty for their survival?  Not saying that I don't get it (cause I do) but the problem with feeling and carrying guilt is clear - it is one of the LEAST helpful emotions we experience.  So, I’m sorry to say (sorry not sorry) that it’s time to LET GO of that guilt and find healthy and beneficial ways to channel those feelings.  And as always, I’m gonna help you make this happen.  So come on and sign up TODAY - and please don’t feel guilty about not doing it sooner, ok?    

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