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How It Works

We work TOGETHER - as a team.  Your thoughts and ideas are just as (if not more) important than mine.  This is a huge part of what makes the process so successful.


Free Consultation!

Your complimentary consultation is an awesome opportunity to see if we are a good fit.  You can tell me about what you are looking for, ask any questions, and I will tell you a bit about how I work. Absolutely no commitments or pressure here.  Just a good old fashioned get-to-know-ya.

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Typical Session!

I offer in person, Facetime or phone sessions; the choice is yours.  Each 50 minute session is all about what you are needing to work on at that time.  I have the proper tools to help navigate, support, encourage and guide you along your path of healing.  We are always a team.  Your input and communication is what will make this journey a successful one.  No matter the problem or obstacle, we will figure it out, together.  And, believe it or not, it can actually be fun!

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Pay As You Go!

You pay as you go - no programs, no contracts.  Just take it one appointment at a time; call as you need.  Promise! No strings attached.

"Adriana helped me reconnect with myself, learn to love my body once again, feel like a sexy woman (even without boobs!), and ride the waves of this new chapter with much more ease, appreciation, and positivity.”

- AS

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