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One Minute Doctor Anxiety Hack

This simple trick helped me change the game when it comes to hospital anxiety

Oof.  It is no secret that many (if not all) cancer survivors have severe anxiety when it comes to going to the doctor or hospital.  I mean, how could we not? 


Trauma much? 

The good news is there are many simple things you can do to shift your thinking and lower your anxiety when you go to your next doc appointment.  And because I’m your girl and I always have your back, I’m gonna share one of my faves with you today.  

Now please remember, this is only ONE suggestion, and it may or may not work for you.  But what it definitely can FOR SURE do is give you something productive to try out, expand your thinking, and get you moving in the right direction.  So it’s never really useless - which is pretty freaking awesome.

Ok!  I bet you’re reeeeeady!  Here ya go!

Instead of focusing on the fear and the horror stories you are telling yourself in your head, say over and over and over again:

“I am grateful to have access to care”

 “I am grateful to have access to care”

 Again… out loud this time….

 “I am grateful to have access to care”

 And again (but I’m not gonna type it out again cause you get the point ;)

This mantra will change the frequency and the energy that you are bringing to the front of your thinking - which in turn changes your feelings and emotions around the current situation.  

I mean if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is!

So go ahead, give it a try, and as always, let me know how it goes!  

You are doing great.

You fucking got this.

And I truly love ya 


Love and Light,


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