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Fu@k New Year’s Resolutions

Ya, You Read That Right

Hi Lovies!


To put it bluntly (ya’ll know that’s how I roll), fuck New Year's resolutions.   

I know I know…...a life coach is telling you this?  


Hear me out…


There is little I love more than a good life review and goal setting.




I love these things when they are done at the right time, for the right reasons, and most importantly, from a place of self-love with a lack of self-induced pressure.


When we partake in something like a “New Year’s resolution”, we are simply following a trend, and possibly not paying attention to our real needs.  


Such as……


Is this the right time for me to be setting a new goal?

How will this new goal affect my life (and my stress levels?)

Is this new goal supported by my lifestyle?


When we feel pressure to improve, we often put so much strain on ourselves to “change” that the whole purpose of self-reflection and betterment gets, well, lost. 

And that’s not only unhelpful, but it can actually be damaging to our confidence and our belief that we are capable of making legit healthy changes in our lives. 

So!  My roundabout point.


If you love a good resolution and you have found that it has worked for you in the past; great.  Go for it.  Find the inspiration, show yourself some amazing love and do it.


But!  If you are not in the right mental or emotional place and this goal will be accompanied by anxiety and pressure, then please don’t make one.


Please wait until you feel it is the right time for YOU to create some new goals.  


You have the ability to make changes all year round.


You can set your goals wherever the frick you want.


The most important thing is that it is coming from inside of YOU.  


From what YOU are needing. 

From a healthy place of love, support and internal desire.


See? Makes sense, right??? 


I’m here when ya need.


And happy New Year my love.


You made it through another (possibly very difficult) year.


And that’s something to celebrate.


Biggest of hugs.


Love and light,



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