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You Have A Choice!

YOU, my amazing friend.  YOU have a choice over how breast cancer affects you.  YOU have a choice to take from it what you want; to use it instead of allowing it to use you.  Breast cancer is no longer a disease of the elderly.  It is a disease that affects thousands of young women every day.  Young breast cancer survivors are facing an entirely different set of problems than our foremothers did.  So how do we, as young women, get through it like the badasses that we are?  With proper, sustainable, individualized support.  And I’m the coach that can provide just that.  No pressure, no contracts; just pay as you go.  Are you ready to revolutionize the crap out of this journey?  I know I am.


Together We Can!


Take Back Our Bodies


Stop Living in Fear


Navigate Connections with Loved Ones


Be Confident Sexy Women

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No strings attached. It's time to revolutionize the way cancer affects us all!

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