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Adriana McCulloch

You Have a Choice


"I've been through counseling

for more than 9 years and

nothing has truly helped

or made things better more than Adriana’s coaching."

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Breast cancer is scary.  In fact, it is terrifying.  The fear of what will happen to you, to your family.  The total loss of control.  But guess what?  You actually have more control than you think.


  • Stop living in fear

  • Reclaim your life

  • Cease feeling like a victim

  • Connect with your family (including children!) in a healthy and beneficial way

  • Feel truly supported - every day!

  • Heal your relationship with your body 

  • Properly deal with each emotion that arises

  • Grow and expand in ways that you never thought possible

  • Kick cancer's ass in every sense of the word!


I know this all sounds hard, or even impossible.  But I guarantee you that it is not.  I have been right where you are and I am now here to help to you get these results, and more.


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It's time to revolutionize the way cancer affects us all!