life coaching

what clients are saying

how it works


Hello!  My name is Adriana and I am a life coach.  I help take the fear out of making life's changes.  I help define what it is that people's live are "missing" and I help them fill that void.  Currently, I am helping clients lower their anxiety and stress, and to find ways to move forward and find success in areas of their personal and professional lives, even in this time of crisis.  And THAT is powerful.  I am so grateful to do the work that I do, and I know how important it is, especially right now.  Please take your time to read through my website and to contact me with any questions whatsoever.  I am here to help

"Since working with

Adriana, my relationships 

with family and friends

have improved, my

own happiness and 

energy has improved,

and I have extra

time to complete all of

those little projects

waiting to be done!"

Would you benefit from life coaching?



Most likely, yes!  We can all use a little nudge in the right direction sometimes.  I work with people of all ages, and though life challenges are different for every person, a few common reasons why a client may come to see me include:


  • Feeling stuck

  • Transitions

  • Feeling lost

  • Loss of identity

  • Life balance

  • Time management

  • Unachieved goals

  • Unhappiness 

  • Shift in career (voluntary or involuntary) 

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Body image

  • Confidence/Self esteem


There are hundreds of different reasons as to why you may contact me.  If you do not see your current challenge on the above list, and have concerns that I may or may not able to help you, please give me a call or send me an email and we can further discuss.

"No matter what your

status, she'll help you

see what an amazing,

beautiful, valuable,

contribution you are!"

"If you're on your

way there, she'll help you

get there faster.

If you don't know

where "there" is, 

she'll help you find it!"