about me

what clients are saying

who am I?

I am a life coach, wife, mother, artist and business owner.  I am a dreamer, and a do-er.  All my life I have believed in the power of self improvement and I have had many opportunities to see it and to live it first hand.  My core beliefs are based on the concept that every individual has the desire, the right and the ability to live their life as they choose.  I see this as an amazing gift.


It is for these reasons that I have chosen a career in coaching.  To be able to assist individuals in their journeys of self improvement is unbelievably exciting and rewarding.

"I was a bit reluctant to begin coaching sessins with

my already busy schedule.

But I am so glad I did!

Within a few months, Adriana helped me to organize

my chaotic life 

at home and at work.

With that came less stress,

more enjoyment at home,

and a better relationship

with my kids." 

my promise


My Promise To You


I will provide assistance with efficiency, honesty and energy.  I will work with you to find real solutions and to help you overcome your personal challenges.  I will help you get REAL results.  Our time together will improve your life now as well as in the future:  no learned strategy will go to waste.  Coaching is hard work, but I can promise you that it is also exciting, invigorating, rewarding and truly life changing.

"With her help, I was able

to stay focused on the solution 

and my goals, 

rather than on all of 

the problems and obstacles

that were starring me

in the face."

"It feels so good to have

someone 100% on 

your side and 

genuinely ecstatic for

you when you