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YOU Have the Answers....well, most of them anyway

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Hello hello! So, what do you think of that title, "You Have the Answers"? Do you like it or does it make you roll your eyes and go, "seriously?". Well, that title is exactly the reason I decided to go into coaching. And let me tell you why.....

Coaching is all about defining goals, achieving accomplishments and doing so from within yourself. And while there are times we need advice from others (I will never discredit counseling when it is truly needed!), it turns out that often times we already have the answers, we just need to figure out how to get to them.

In coaching it is believed that no one knows you better than you, and therefor, no other person will ever truly know the "perfect" answers to your life questions. While this concept may sound far-fetched, I believe that it's actually quite legit. Let me explain....Have you ever been talking out a problem with a friend, and you are doing all of the talking (like all of it) and then suddenly you say the answer that you have been looking for? Like searching for, for weeks? This moment of resolve is often referred to as the "aha" moment. It's almost like, "Duh! How could I have not seen that for so long?", and you are the one who came up with it! This is because through talking you are expanding your thoughts and perspectives and allowing movement to happen in your physical and emotional brain. Your brain, not someone else's. And inside that beautiful and magical tool are your strengths, beliefs, recollections, behaviors, thoughts, tendencies and feelings all working together while you are thinking. And as a result, you often find the answer your are looking for. Pretty freaking awesome, right? That you and your tools solved your problem, not the tellings of another person. You had the power all along to fix it! I get giddy just writing about it!

At this point you may be thinking, "Ooookkkkkay, that makes sense, but if I have the answers then why can't I think of them right now? Or why is it that "my" answers do not seem to be working?" Good questions! Just because you hold the key to your success doesn't mean that you know how to use it. Sometimes we feel so stuck that we can't even get our brains to start moving, let alone expanding. Enter coaching.

A life coach is trained to help you spot certain behaviors, fears, patterns and beliefs that lead you to choose a particular thought pattern. Through subconscious repetition, we create thought pattern "pathways" in our brains, and whether healthy or not, the more they are used the stronger they become. So while you do have the answers in that lovely brain of yours, it may be so stuck looping over and over on the same path that it just cannot hop off onto a potentially better one. A coach is taught how question you so that your brain is almost forced to get off of that old pathway and start mowing through a new one; no matter how difficult it may be. With this assistance, you are not being told how to think, because for most people, that simply won't stick. You are being guided towards new pathways that your physical and emotional brain are creating, thus revealing new answers. Since these changes in thought patterns are internally created and reinforced, they result in long lasting self growth and empowerment. Not to mention you will feel like a total badass ready to take on the world.

See? I told you. You do have answers and it is possible to get to them! No one, no one, knows you like you. You know your habits, competencies, tendencies and drive. And while you may need a little help every now and again, you are the best resource when it comes to personal growth. Own that, love it and remember it.

With love and light,


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