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The Power of Music

Hello my lovelies!

As I sat down to my desk this morning I was feeling a bit, well, exhausted. I love love looove what I do, but I am also human, and I get burnt out just like the rest of us. I couldn't just take the day off, so I decided to take a moment and listen to some of my favorite songs. And guess what? Here I am, still working hours later and still feeling motivated to do what I do best. So I thought what a better day than today to chat briefly about the power and the importance of music.

How is this related to coaching you ask? Well, I see music as a tool. It is a tool to express emotion, it is a tool to assist emotions and it is a tool to connect to that part of our spirits and minds that cannot be touched in any other way. I know that you all know what I am talking about....think about the passion and intense emotion you feel when you're at your favorite band's concert. Or the nostalgia you feel when hear your favorite song from high school, or the song that played at your wedding. Think about a period in your life where you felt so low and there was that certain album "got" you through that time? Getting it now? Music is what you want it to be and what you need it to be at a certain time, and there is immense power in that.

So what I am suggesting to you all today is to try and remember to use this powerful tool over the next few weeks when you need it. A few suggestions....

When feeling down go somewhere private and put on some of your most favorite songs. Listen to a few, with headphones, without distraction and really feel the lyrics and the sound. Allow yourself to feel open and vulnerable and embrace that vulnerability.

When feeling stuck or exhausted put on some of your most excitingly passionate favorite songs. Listen to them, dance around, sing out loud. Share this with a loved one or do it alone, just don't overthink it. Do whatever your body and heart are telling you to do at that moment.

When feeling stressed, put on your most humbling songs. Let your body clam down and reconnect with your mind and senses. Let music remind you of your gratuities.

Or! Just fucking rock out with you and your bad self for as long as you want. Whatever it is, take the next few days to really used music to lift you up. It's pretty amazing at how it can help!

It is definitely no secret that this is nothing new; we all know how powerful music can be. However, just like many other things in life, we get so busy with the hustle and bustle that we sometimes forget to stop and "listen to the music". So, if anything, let this serve as a reminder to do just that.

Till next time....

With much love and much light,


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