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The Importance Of Joy

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hello hello hello! We are often told that we should be living our happiest and best lives to the fullest, right? And though it may seem absurd, I kind of agree! I don't think we should be happy all of the time, (other feelings are JUST AS important as happiness!) but I do believe that we should experience at least a little joy at some point throughout our day. Impossible? Ridiculous? Not at all! Keep reading and let me tell you why I feel this way and offer a few easy tricks to attain joy in your daily life.

Joy (or the feeling of being fulfilled/giddy with excitement/completely content) is SO SO SOOOOO important for us for a number of reasons. The most obvious of these reasons is that it feels good. So damn good! But, it also makes us see and experience the world differently, which is what determines our thoughts, behaviors and general outlook on life. When we experience joy we will search for it in the world, rather than looking for pain, mediocrity or cynicism. How you view the world is what you will see and what the world will show you. It's that simple.

Joy is also important because it will allow you to attract more joyful people and experiences. I do not care if you believe in the law of attraction, religion or just plain dumb luck, we all know this to be true. You attract what you put out there, and joy is no exception.

Joy also is what make us feel balanced! (Did you know that?) I ask you to name one person you know who isn't craving more "life balance". Soooo many people come to me after trying every balance trick in the book. They have scheduled their life like crazy, said "no" to everything that they can say no to, delegated tasks to others, made pie charts and everything in between, and they STILL feel out of balance. You know why?? Because they are not giving enough attention to their passions and to the things that make them feel fulfilled (aka JOY!). It is amazing how much better people feel when they make the conscious decision to add their passion into their life. They feel full of gratitude, of hope and happiness AS WELL AS feel less overwhelmed, stuck or hopeless. The chaos in their lives begins to feel manageable, and a sense of calm sets in (you're gonna sleep better too, I promise!).

So now that I have convinced you that it's important to squeeze that joy into your day, you're sitting there wondering how the hell you're gonna do this, right? Well, as always, I got your back. Here are some tricks....

A good place to start is to keep a notebook handy and jot down anything that makes you smile, feel giddy, content, or hopeful. Write down AS MANY things as you can - BIG and LITTLE. I always suggest keeping this notebook nearby (or on your phone) so that you can write things down as you think of them (they can be easy to forget!). If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, sit down with a friend and start a discussion, do some "meditating" on the subject, listen to what other people are talking about, look around on social media or in your local paper and so on. Just start being open and really listen to yourself without judgement. And remember, it doesn't hurt to try something out!

Next, go through each item and decide the amount of time it would take to complete it. I always use the 15, 30, 60, 60+ rule here. For example, next to each item write down if it would take 15, 30, 60, or 60+ minutes to complete this task. You can even go a far as to make separate 15 min, 30 min, 60 min and 60+ minute lists when you are all done. This way when you are having trouble finding inspiration or thinking of something that would bring you joy in your super busy day you can refer to the list for a place to start. You just made your freakin Cliff Notes of Joy, use it!

Please note! Passions and fulfillments can be time consuming, and that isn't a bad thing; sometimes we need an entire day to work on our painting or take a long hike with a great friend. But the small moments are really just as effective and just as important. So make sure that you have plenty of smaller ideas to pick from - such as listening to your favorite song with no distractions, or having a quick phone call with the friend that makes you laugh uncontrollably, watching your favorite movie with no distractions, planning out a painting that you have always wanted to create and so on.

It's really that easy! If you think I'm crazy (get in line😉), but I'd love to see you prove me wrong. Just try it and see how it feels! What do you have to loose?

Till next time!

With much love and much light,


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