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Staying Motivated

Good morning! I want to briefly chat about motivation today. When clients first come to me wanting to make a change in their lives, like reeeeally wanting to make a change, they have all of the motivation in the world. They have all of the desire, the eagerness and the drive to get things done and to start taking steps. But before I join in on their journey of greatness, I ask my clients to tell me why they feel they need to make this change. And more importantly, I want them to tell me exactly what is going to keep them motivated and inspired during this transition - like motivated on a daily basis. And when I say exactly, I mean exactly. None of this, "Because I have to" or "I need the money" or "I have always wanted to do this"; that's just too vague. The clearer the motivation the easier it will be to keep up momentum when things start getting difficult. And trust me, they will get difficult.

So! How do you find your exact little slices of personal motivation? Why through inspiration, of course!

Inspiration is based on emotions, and is critical to keeping up the momentum of progress. Nothing keeps people motivated better and longer than the things that truly inspire them. Humans are, after all, creatures of emotion. So rather than telling me that you are making this change because you need more money, tell me how you will feel with this new change in your life. Will you feel free? Will you feel confident and proud? Will you feel like a better partner? A better mother? A better friend? Will you feel like you are living the life that you have always wanted? And how does that make you feel? Excited? Unstoppable? Enlightened? And don't just stop there, really feel these emotions in your body. Get excited, get giddy! These are the feelings you need to be recognizing. These are the emotions that you need to be nurturing. Take all of them, write them down and use them as emotional fuel to drive you towards your goal.

Now, I'm not saying that things like money are not motivators, but I am saying that they do not keep up motivation like emotion and inspiration do. Humans are insanely adaptable, and easily adjust to unhealthy life circumstances; especially when the needed change is a difficult one. Can you remember a time in your life, or the life of a loved one, when you put up with something because you just didn't know what else to do? Or because it was simply to hard to change? Even though the situation was an unhealthy one? And now you look back on it and say to yourself, "Oh my god, how did it take me SO long to realize how bad that was for me and to actually do something about it?". Chances are that you did try, but you couldn't find the right motivation. This happens to all of us (notice I wrote humans are insanely adaptable, not you?) so don't be hard on yourself and start making those inspirational lists; like today.

Lucky for us, there are SO many different ways to find emotional inspiration. Try a few, and keep trying a few. The more motivations you have in your bag of tricks, the better. A few client a friend, listen to an awesome song. Listen to a pod cast about your passions. Read an excerpt from your favorite author or an article about someone who has surpassed all the odds. Think of a time where you had great success and remember how it made you feel. Talk a walk, or a hike. Look to nature for inspiration and feel humbled. Cuddle with your pet. Have a philosophical talk with a mentor. Still feeling like you can't find anything that truly inspires you? Ask a trusted friend what inspires them and really listen to their answers; try and learn something from what they shared. There are so many ways to get inspired and it is majorly important to know what inspires you. Once you find out what exactly those are the easier it will be to incorporate them into your life when you need it the most. And who knows, with your inspirational motivators at the ready, those challenges may not seem quite as daunting. Wouldn't that be cool?

That's all for today my friends! Remember to share this thought with others around you, you never know what you will inspire.

With light and with love,


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