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Life Balance: Using Your Passions

Updated: May 10, 2018

Good morning!

As most of you know, a large majority of my clients come to me with feelings of imbalance. Who doesn’t feel the daily pressures of imbalance? Many of us know the basic strategies to battle these pressures; making lists, prioritizing, delegating, waking up earlier, or (the one I personally hate the most!) “just letting it go”. But even with all of these strategies we often still feel behind, stressed, unbalanced and most likely exhausted.

So! What is my point? I recently listened to an audio book that suggests we will NEVER be able to equally balance all areas of our life; no matter what schedule we create or what tricks of the trade we put to use. It also suggests that when we feel a lack in balance, it is because we are failing to nurture a deeper side of ourselves and not giving attention to what matters most to us. Simply put, it states that if you find, nurture and give time to your passion(s) you will in return, feel more balanced. I'm going to repeat that...if you find, nurture and give time to your passion(s) you will in return, feel more balanced.

I know, I know. We all know that having a "passion" is important, but it can be difficult to see passion in our daily lives, not to mention give attention to it. Luckily, it can be as big or as small as you like: and yes, it can still be considered a passion if you only do it once a week. For example.... rather than running around checking everything off of your to-do list, do 2/3rds of it, save the rest for "later" and use the remainder of your time for YOU. Do something that fills you with joy, excitement or calm. Don't know what your passion is? Well....what makes you giddy? What makes you feel full and beaming with happiness? Spend the time to figure it out, and then spend time (make the time!!!) on giving this part of you attention and you will be aaaamazed at how much more balanced you feel.

Don't believe me? Try it. For two days, just freaking give it a try. Take a pottery class, go listen to a book reading from your favorite author, volunteer at your favorite organization. If you really feel that you don't have the time, pleeeease don't make that your excuse and refuse to give the old college try. Keep it simple. Convenience is key. Listen to a book about your passions (that's what I did!), watch a documentary on an issue that is important to you, meditate for ten minutes, make art! Or crap! Just give a friend a call who has the same passion that you do and take ten minutes to talk about it, and ONLY it.

It is so easy to get bogged down by the daily grind that we forget to take care of the deeper sides of ourselves. Including a simple nod to our passions on the regular is a fantastic and easy way to make our lives feel fuller, more complete, more balanced and give us the energy to take on everyday tasks. And who wouldn't want that?

With much light and much love,


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