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Its All About Action!

If you've ever been coached by me, then you will hear this word and start laughing (or aggressively roll your eyes!). Why? Because for almost every problem I either ask my client what action steps they are taking to fix their problem, OR I will ask them what actions steps we can brainstorm together to get moving? Either way, at the end of almost every session I have said the word action about 50 times.

But guys, it's SO TRUE! You cannot expect results without action. You cannot just sit around and wait for things to change! Because in the end, desired change does not happen without action. And waiting around for it, whether it's because you are afraid to make a change or don't know where to start, is not helping anything. Actually, sometimes doing nothing creates depression and/or anxiety - and who wants that? Especially if there is a way to alleviate and take control of those feelings!

So! I challenge you to start taking action over the next week. Here are a few tips to get you rollin:

First, get a clear picture of what EXACTLY it is that you are wanting to change. Sit down and write out what you want to work on, or what you are "missing" in your current life. I always encourage people to write down as many thoughts as possible, just to get the brain expanding. From there, you can decide which goals have the most priority, and the others can stay on your list until you are ready to tackle them at a later time. Side note: I always recommend keeping and adding to this list. While you should be careful not to get overwhelmed by it, it can be a great way to get floating concerns and desires out of your head. It is also useful to have as a guide to work off of in the future.

Then, begin with one big goal or two or three smaller goals. Break each one down into baby steps that you need to take to get there. I'm talking the babiest of the baby steps! Make sure that they are small so they are attainable. If you can't think of any small steps, then go ahead and write down the big ones and see if you can break them down from there. Then, see which steps you can do this week, and put them on your schedule. This part is important! For many of us our life is so hectic that even if we have every intention of getting action steps done.,we just run out of time or forget about them. So! Block off time on your schedule. Keep doing this weekly until you have reached your goal.

A Few helpful hints when initialing action:

If you are "stuck" and just don't know what to do. I suggest writing, meditating, doing something physical while thinking about it, talking it out with someone, or spending some alone time to really reflect on what you are wanting and needing. Practice good self communication, honesty and promise to not judge yourself. This may take few days, and that's ok. It is worth taking the time.

If you feel that there is no where else that you can improve your life, then great! But my guess is that there are always areas where we can be happier or feel more fulfilled. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't feel happy by your past accomplishments, but personal and emotional growth is a lifetime journey and it is pretty rare where we feel 100% content in all areas of out lives.

And lastly, as always, if you need help, please get it! Initiating, making and sustaining change can be really hard. It is very emotional and it can be easy to feel put off by past changes that were never accomplished. So please! Get help if you need it. You are SO WORTH it!

With much love and much light,


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