• Adriana

Breaking Free of Damaging Labels

Have you ever stopped for a moment and taken a look at the negative labels you give yourself? Perhaps you feel that you are that you are too shy, overly sensitive, too opinionated or outgoing? Whether we create labels ourselves, or we choose to take ownership over a label that has been put on us by another, most of us carry a few around. And it's no secret that these labels can be damaging to our self love and to our personal growth.

When we claim a label, we are telling ourselves that there is no possibility for change. Labels serve as excuses to let our personal growth just sit in a box with a closed lid. Labels oversimplify our personalities. Labels give us false ideas of who we are.

So, if I'm saying that labels are everywhere and that most of us carry them, is there any hope in changing them? Of course there is! There is always a way and I'd like to help you get started with a few tips.

Understand that you are choosing to keep these labels, and therefore you can choose to let them go. Every time you hear your internal voice say, "well here we go again....being too sensitive" tell it to STOP! Give yourself permission to let it go. You DO NOT need this label.

Redefine your label. Take your top three unhealthy labels and write as many positive characteristics about them as you can. When done, highlight three for each label and repeat them over and over. Do this often and especially when feeling down or negative about your "label".

Affirmations! Take the new definitions of your label and create a new positive label. You are not "an anal neat freak" you "thrive in organization". Say these new labels out loud every day. Your physical and emotional brain need to hear it.

Prep for the times when someone else calls you by this negative label. Get the words ready and practice at home. You can either kindly say something to that person

or you can say something to yourself. Whatever it is, get the words ready so you don't fall into the trap of believing the label.

Be your own best friend. If your bestie came to you saying that they hate how they are overly sensitive, what would you do? You would probably tell them that it's so not true, and list the ways that being sensitive an amazing quality. So, be your OWN best friend and tell yourself the same thing.

I know that these tips can seem easier said than done, but I promise you, if you stick to it and keep practicing, it will get easier and better. Self improvement can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

You are not a box. You are not something that needs to be labeled. You are an ever changing ever growing spirit who can become whatever you want to become. Remember that, and burn those fu@*king boxes ladies.

With much love and much light,


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